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Making the most of summer

In a few weeks, schools will dismiss for the summer, and it’s very likely that the temperature in Texas will not be the only thing rising during the coming season. There may also be a rise in the challenges faced by the adult learners in literacy programs who are parents and caregivers of school-aged children.  

At my previous program, I often noticed a drop in attendance over summer months because childcare was a challenge for many of my students. Staying home with their kids sometimes meant they had to take a break from their own goals. Additionally, some parents struggle when children are eating out of the fridge instead of the school cafeteria and household utilities are the highest of the year.   

For this reason, I encourage you to get to know the other non-profits in your community who might be able to serve as a resource for your students in these areas. Sharing local information with your adult learners about food pantries, utility relief programs, and other social services might be the most important education they receive during these summer months.  

Additionally, if you don’t have a family literacy program, it might be something to consider. If the adult learners you serve are not able to attend class regularly with you, they may still get practice by engaging with their children in learning activities over the summer months. This will keep everyone’s reading, math, and language skills moving forward until school resumes in August.

Investing in our families will pay off for Texas a hundredfold!

There are many places to look for resources for families in your community.

Here are just some options:

Texas United Ways

Resources for Families

Food Banks at Feeding Texas

Summer Meal Programs

Texas Cooling Centers

These links are all statewide, but a more specific search on your county, city, or town will turn up even more resources.

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