Literacy Texas Newsletter, September 2021

Education Unlocks Opportunity

Without access to quality education, a child born into poverty is likely to remain there. But when quality education is provided, all sorts of things become possible. Future wages rise, the likelihood of needing financial assistance drops, and doors open everywhere. A college graduate is more likely to volunteer, to vote, to own their own business, even to have better mental health.

Breaking the cycle of poverty with education creates a future in which we ALL benefit.

For those of you in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, our next literacy symposium focuses on poverty – and how its effects can be stalled and then reversed through education. Find more details, and the registration link, right here. Include the link above in your messages to your teachers, volunteers, and other supporters – this symposium is for them too!

Whether you’re able to attend the symposium or not, know that ALL your efforts make a difference. Every adult who increases their reading fluency, becomes more proficient in math, raises their confidence in speaking English, is taking steps towards a brighter future, for them and their family. And your daily work on their behalf helps make it possible.

Thanks for being a friend of literacy!

Steve Banta
Executive Director
Literacy Texas

P.S. We’re halfway through National Literacy Month, and Adult Education & Family Literacy Week starts in just a few days. Use these joyful images from COABE in your social media next week and help spread the word about how literacy transforms lives, communities – and Texas.

September’s newsletter also includes:

RESOURCES: Practical lesson information from the Adult Numeracy Center at TERC.
TRAINING: Invitations to the Blueprint for Literacy Innovation Webinar and the dates of the next regional Literacy Symposiums.
NETWORKING: A round-up of the latest on Literacy Texas social media.
ADVOCACY: Ways to contact your Texas representatives for Adult Education & Family Literacy Week, and your source for Literacy Texas swag!

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