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Literacy Texas Newsletter, March 15, 2024

There’s nothing like local knowledge

As a native Texan, traveling around the state these last few months to attend regional symposia has further deepened my appreciation for the rich diversity that my home state offers. Each area boasts a unique landscape, culture, and set of strengths that make it special. It has all been so beautiful. While our needs are different in each region, I also appreciate the beauty found in the things we have in common as literacy leaders. Our passion for student achievement, our commitment to seeing adult learners find success, and our willingness to collaborate are very much uniting factors across Texas. Every symposium has left me so proud to support this important work with you. We recently opened Requests for Proposals for presenters at our annual conference (submissions close March 27), and I hope you will consider applying. I have had such wonderful conversations at the symposia, and there are some really incredible instructors, administrators, and programs doing inspiring work across Texas. I would love to have a long list of applicants willing to offer their knowledge, wisdom, and experience with other professionals.In your program, you have the ability to impact your student population, but as a presenter at the Literacy Texas conference, you can impact students across the state – and multiply your good work a thousandfold!

Thank you for being on Team Literacy,

Dr. Jenny McCormack Walker
Executive Director, Literacy Texas

P.S. We have a new phone number! 903-392-9802 should replace any numbers you have saved for Literacy Texas.


Symposium season continues with both South Texas (February 24) and East Texas (March 2) taking place recently. Thanks to presenting partners the South Texas Literacy Coalition and the East Texas Literacy Council for all your work to bring quality professional development to your region!Interested in hosting a symposium in the next grant year? Expressions of interest will open in the summer, and the new grant year starts September 1.

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ANNUAL CONFERENCE SNEAK PEAK: Summer’s just around the corner! Here’s everything you need to know about the 2024 Literacy Texas Annual Conference:

Tuesday, July 30 & Wednesday, July 31, 2024
Embassy Suites San Marcos | Theme: “Literacy & Beyond” |

Latest conference news:
Coming very soon:
  • Online exhibitor registration
  • General conference registration
CALENDAR: See only Literacy Texas events including online training and regional symposia, or look at the National Literacy Calendar for literacy events and special days across the country.
Check your inbox (and maybe your spam folder!) for all the details – what’s here online is just a summary.

Special Supporter Spotlight: BurlingtonEnglish

BE Tiles (Core, CESS, ESC)

Burlington’s comprehensive suite of online, standards-based courses help programs stay WIOA focused, with an emphasis on Integrated Education and Training (IET) and Integrated English and Civics Education (IELCE). Burlington’s blended curriculum promotes academic preparation, civics knowledge, career readiness, and technology integration at all levels and areas of instruction.With BurlingtonEnglish, teachers have all the resources they need to prepare students for post-secondary education and entry into the workforce. Burlington provides a flexible solution for academic and career success, with support every step of the way. “Burlington has helped students achieve their goals and make their career dreams come true. I have had students pass their State Board Exams for CNA/Home Health Aide and credited using the Burlington program. What an incredible tool we have provided them with. Thank you, Burlington!” – Indian River State College, FL

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