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Nonprofit Administration

The resources on this page are focused on the essential administrative tasks all nonprofit organizations need. Scroll to browse, or use the quick links to jump straight to each category. You’re also welcome to browse the Literacy Texas YouTube channel for additional trainings and resources.

Items marked with a star (*) are resources and presentations shared by literacy professionals at Literacy Texas symposia or conferences.

Nonprofit Administration Quick Links:

Marketing & Communications

Nonprofit Marketing Guide | Link format: Website | Principal: Kivi Leroux-Miller | Comprehensive marketing help for small and large nonprofits through blog, free and paid resources, coaching, and more.

Nonprofit Tech for Good | Link format: Website | Principal: Heather Mansfield | News and resources related to digital marketing and fundraising.

Digital Marketing for Nonprofits | Link format: Closed Facebook group | Talk online with nonprofit peers around the world about issues that affect us all.

Classy Blog | Link format: Website | Resources, ideas, and practical tips for fundraising, marketing, and communications for nonprofits.

Resources from Nonprofit Marketing Guide | Link format: Free online courses, resources, and information | Provider: Nonprofit Marketing Guide | Basic marketing plans, effective communications, website best practices, and communications for fundraising. A free membership is needed to access the resources.

Being Strategic With No Communications Staff | Link format: Blog post | Author: Nonprofit Marketing Guide | The absolute basics of making things work when you have limited resources.

Your Email Marketing Metrics Are Wrong (And How to Fix Them) | Link format: Blog post | Source: Goose Digital | Information about how open rates and click-through rates for your email newsletters may not be telling you what you think they are.

Program Evaluation, Outcomes, & Data Management

How Nonprofits Benefit From Measuring Outcomes | Link format: Online article | Source: The Balance Small Business | Making the case for measuring outcomes, some basic definitions, and how good data can add to your storytelling.

Basic Guide to Outcomes-Based Evaluation for Nonprofit Organizations With Very Limited Resources | Link format: Website | Source: Free Management Library / Carter McNamara, Authenticity Consulting | Basic principles, definitions, methods, and tips to get started.

Evaluation and Measurement of Outcomes | Link format: Online list | Source: Council of Nonprofits | Multiple tools, samples, examples, and other assistance to get you started measuring outcomes.

The Seven Myths of Nonprofit Program Evaluation | Link format: Online article | Source: Sangfroid Strategy | Busting some myths and countering some objections people make to collecting data and measuring outcomes.

Outcomes Measurement | Link format: Video, 1:15:23 | Presenter: Vicki Clarke, BoardSource | An introduction to principles and strategies for outcomes measurement.

Management, Leadership, & Nonprofit Boards

Nonprofit Guides & Templates | Link format: Website with downloads | Source: Bloomerang | Part of Bloomerang’s free library of resources, which includes guides, templates, webinars, on topics such as data management, fundraising, and board development. Documents include: Fundraising Event Template; Sample Bylaws; Sample Gift Acceptance Policy; Sample Job Descriptions – and a lot more. 

BoardSource | Link format: Website | Provides leaders with a range of tools, resources, and research data to increase board effectiveness and strengthen organizational impact.

A Planning Guide for Board Meeting Agendas | Link format: Blog post | Author: Joan Garry Consulting | Timetable, content, and best practices around board meeting planning.

Leadership Self-Assessment* | Link format: PDF, 54 PPT slides | Author: Vicki Clark | Leadership in the nonprofit sector and how servant leadership can advocate for literacy – includes handouts: Organizational Leadership Competencies Checklist (PDF, 4 pages),  Servant Leadership (PDF, 12 pages), and Servant Leadership Worksheet (PDF, 6 pages).

The Role of Board & Staff in Challenging Times: Moving to Exceptional Governance* | Link format: Video (2:09:30) | Presenter: Vicki Clark | Governance, management, board, staff, HR – these things can be overwhelming even in large nonprofits, let alone in small ones where Executive Directors and CEOs are often trying to fill multiple roles. Hear from one of the best about how to get on top of your governance.

Managing Your Nonprofit Board* | Link format: PDF, 39 PPT slides | Author: Vicki Clark | Effective governance and responsibilities of leadership.

Fundraising & Grant-Writing

Donor Data Management for Nonprofits | Link format: Online article | Source: The Modern Nonprofit | The importance of maintaining clean donor data in an efficient donor database.

5 Simple Strategies to Organize Your Donor Data | Link format: Online article | Source: Nonprofit Marketing Guide/Bloomerang | Tips on efficiency with your donor data, including suggestions of what elements to track.

How to Choose the Right CRM | Link format: Online article | Source: The Modern Nonprofit | Tips to move from the spreadsheet strategy to Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) tool.

Grant Craft | Link format: Website | Videos, guides, case studies, and more, focused on capacity-building within the social sector; free membership required for full access.

Grant Proposal | Link format: Website | Free and actionable information for both experienced grant writers and consultants as well as for nonprofit staff, including samples, tips, and advice from funders.

Grant Station | Link Format: Online database | Searchable database of grantmakers, with tool, leads, and tips for successful grant-writing; paid subscription necessary to access all features but your local library may have access through the Library Patron Program.

Foundation Directory Online | Link format: Website | Free and searchable database of private and community foundations.

Writing a Successful Grant Proposal | Link format: PDF, 12 pages | Source: Purdue University |  Step-by-step guide to writing and submitting grant proposals, with lists, tools, and examples.

Guide to Grant Writing: A Workshop on the Essential Elements of Successful Grant Proposals* | Link format: Video (6:39:18) | Presenter: Kathryn Thompson | Money is hard to come by, and grants can be frustrating and difficult to apply for. This session outlines the basics of getting prepared and applying for grants – even when you’re at a small nonprofit.

Grant Writing Basics* | Link format: PDF, 19 PPT slides | Author: Tony M. Casas | Where to find grant opportunities, the format of generic grant proposal, and some writing tips.

Finding Private Funding that is a Good Fit for your Organization* | Link format: PDF, 10 pages | Author: Gayla Rawlinson Maynard | Types of grants, where to conduct research, and things to consider when writing an application.

Budgets & Financials

Nonprofit Finance 101* | Link format: Video (2:09:29) | Presenters: Ernest Lewis III, Melanie Fisk | If you’re a new director or CEO at a nonprofit, you might find the financials the most confusing and daunting part of your new role. Learn the basics of nonprofit finance from two experts who have combined decades of experience across multiple fields.

Nonprofit Management: Financials* | Link format: PDF, 35 PPT slides | Author: Melanie Fisk | An introduction to budgets, financials, and nonprofit accounting, including some basic definitions.

Budgeting & Finance 101 for Nonprofit CBOs* | Link format: Video, 0:56:02 | Presenter: Joe Wappelhorst | The basics of writing a budget and what to include in your financials.

HR & Professional Development for Staff

7 Significant HR Documents Most Nonprofits are Missing | Link format: Article | Source: Charity Village | Helpful list of documents that are often overlooked as people get their nonprofits up and running.

TCALL (Texas Center for the Advancement of Literacy & Learning | Link format: Website | Thousands of hours of free, on-demand professional development; calendar of scheduled live sessions, including the popular series Tech & Tell and Manager Monday; Connect Communities, with groups such as Career Pathways, Volunteer Literacy, and Corrections & Re-Entry; ongoing support for pandemic-driven changes to your programs, more – you will need to create a free TCALL account to access all their resources.

Nonprofit Management: Personnel & Operations* | Link format: PDF, 42 PPT slides | Author: Melanie Fisk | Building an agency culture, defining your values, and creating an operational plan.

Diving into the AEL PD Portal | Link format: PDF, 8 pages | Author: TRAIN PD TCALL | Getting started on the Texas Center for the Advancement of Literacy & Learning (TCALL) Professional Development website, including how to set up an account and access materials.

Apps, Plugins & Other Tech Resources

Writing, Spelling, & Grammar

Grammarly | Link format: Website | Free spelling,  grammar, and punctuation plugin.

Voicenote | Link format: Website | Online speech-to-text service and app for Google Chrome browser.

Translation and Language Practice

Tarjimly | Link format: Website | On-demand translation in multiple languages.


MindMup | Link format: Website | Free, online mind-mapping site with options to share or publish online.

Popplet | Link format: Website | Mind-mapping app available online and in the Apple Store.

Other resources in this section:

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