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What’s Your Story?

The theme for our conference this year is Tell your story, and many of our workshops. and events focus on the importance of expressing those stories.

Every one of us has a person, experience, or idea that acts as our driving force for working in adult literacy. It could be the memory of a parent reading to you, an interaction you had with a student, or even your own struggle with education. Whatever that story is, we want to hear it!

Literacy Texas and DEAR Texas invite conference attendees to kick off the conference with us at 5:30 PM on Sunday, July 30th and share true stories related to literacy, education, teaching, reading, and writing. No need to write it down or bring notes — this casual storytelling competition is the perfect opportunity to meet other attendees, chat over refreshments, and break the ice with some truly awesome storytelling. You’ll be in good company, too! We will be joined by Texas authors Larry Farmer, Larry Morris, Kathleen Shields, K Wendt, and Arlene Gale (who is also joining us as a presenter on Monday).

After we’ve heard everyone, we’ll hand out prizes for the Most Humorous, Fan Favorite, and Best Overall stories. If you’re not a fan of public speaking, no pressure — feel free to join as an audience member. It’ll be an evening of honesty, humor, warmth, and inspiration, and we hope to see you there!

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