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Celebrating the Caregivers

It’s National Family Literacy Month and we’re celebrating the caregivers. A child’s “important adults” are crucial to whether they develop a love of learning and reading, cultivate their curiosity, and

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The gift of simplicity

“The point of communication is to be understood.” That’s – well, it’s kinda obvious, right? What else would communication be about?! And yet how often do we explicitly learn to

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An intriguing balance of abilities

October is Dyslexia Awareness Month Dyslexia is a learning difference, one that specifically affects language processing.  Dyslexia is many things, and among them, it’s an intriguing balance of abilities. “The

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So often – including right here on this website – we talk about adult and family literacy in terms of deficit. “Adults without a high school diploma struggle to find

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Literacy means –

It’s still July, but we’re looking ahead to September. Why? September has multiple opportunities to celebrate all things literacy. It’s National Literacy Month, just for starters, and on September 8

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Happy birthday – to us!

April 24, 1989 1989! Do you remember your 1989 hairstyle? The car you were driving?Perhaps it was your prom year. Or your first year of Little League.Perhaps you were a

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