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National Literacy Month 2021

Literacy Month 2021

Literacy transforms Texas.

How often have you seen “the literacy problem” framed in terms of doom and gloom? Lost wages, lost opportunities, lost tax dollars, lost hope. It’s true that low literacy damages lives and potential in countless ways. But why not look at it through a different lens?

Helping an adult increase their literacy, even modestly, can have a positive ripple effect through their life, the lives of their children and family members, and on out into society. An adult who can read fluently and well is more confident. They’re more likely to understand forms, paperwork, and medication labels. They’re able to get a job more easily, move up in that job, and need less financial aid. 

An adult in a parenting role – whether a parent, a grandparent, or another adult important in a child’s life – who can speak English fluently and read well is more likely to be involved in that child’s education. They can read the notes sent home from school and participate confidently at parent-teacher nights. They make reading aloud a regular practice and children grow up with a love for books, curious minds, and valuing education.

And raising literacy scores is a dynamic cash injection for the economy. By some counts, the impact could be as much as $2 trillion every single year.

So, during September – National Literacy Month – let’s celebrate the power of literacy. It can transform lives, whole communities, and this nation. And then let’s continue our work.

Opportunities for you to make a difference this month:

And of course literacy work never stops – even after September ends, there are ways to stay involved:

Literacy transforms Texas. And you’re part of that transformation. Thank you for your efforts!

Can we stay in touch? There’s so much to do. And our efforts will be richer and more effective if you’re part of them.

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