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Hot Summer Days Need a Cool Program Management Solution

This is a guest post from CommonTeri Services.

You can visit them at the 2023 Literacy Texas Annual Conference Registration Desk.

Greetings from the CommonTeri team!

Summer may be a time for vacations but it can be a busy time for adult and family literacy programs. Wrapping up the Spring semester and prepping for Fall programs can keep your team busy.

What about your data?

How easily can you get what you need for annual funding reports?

Do you wish your program management process were more streamlined?

How quickly can you get new activities added and the students enrolled?

Summer is a good time to evaluate how well your data system works for you. If keeping up with your data takes time and energy away from your focus on improving adult literacy, consider moving to a new data solution. A robust, flexible system makes it easier to:

  • manage and serve participants,
  • engage and utilize volunteers,
  • plan and organize activities, and
  • track and report on outcomes.

5 key traits for a quality data solution for program management are:

  1. User-friendliness. Can your team get key tasks done easily and quickly, with a manageable amount on onboarding and training?
  2. Capability. Does your team have the necessary tools and options, plus automation to support daily processes?
  3. Adaptability. Will your team be able to customize for organization-specific needs with a minimal amount of cost and time?
  4. Security. Does your team feel confident that the data is stored and accessed securely, with regular updates and maintenance to meet changing best practices?
  5. Long-term relevance. As your team looks to the future, can they be assured that the solution will continue to support them as the organization grows and changes?

The Salesforce app Literacy Nimbus (LitNim) is built on Salesforce technology and is designed specifically for nonprofits and literacy programs. It has all five traits, plus a team of forward-thinking Salesforce and nonprofit management experts who’d love to help you. 

Recently, the LitNim team began work on a new constituent portal to expand secure online data access and provide web-based forms for many common nonprofit uses such as registration, intake, event ticketing, enrollment, and attendance.

When you invest in a data solution, you want to make sure it works well now and for years to come. If you feel overwhelmed and frustrated with your data management, it may be time for a change. Having a quality data solution has real benefits for staff and organizations, including more time to focus on your mission and the students you serve. We encourage you to consider, explore, and ask questions to find the right data solution for you!

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