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Texas Literacy Needs Assessment

We don’t ever want to work in a vacuum. 
And we always want the support we provide to be relevant.

So every year, we conduct a Needs Assessment.
But –
What exactly IS that, anyway?

Our Needs Assessment is an annual survey where we ask Texas adult and family literacy providers what they need most. We ask a range of questions, looking both forward and back, to help figure out what we’re already doing that we should continue or expand, what we should change or stop doing, and what new ideas we should add to our activities.

This is your single best opportunity (but not your only opportunity!) to help influence our decisions for the coming year:

  • What should we focus on at regional symposia?
  • Who should we invite to present at the conference?
  • What other trainings and resources do you need?
  • What wild card ideas do you have that we should consider?

We use the results of the Needs Assessment throughout the year – your responses influence regional symposia, online training, and our annual conference (among other things).

The 2023-24 Needs Assessment has now closed.

The 2024-25 Needs Assessment will open in May 2024.

Who should respond?
We’d welcome responses from anyone involved in Texas adult and family literacy programs, especially those at community-based organizations (non-federally funded programs). Please feel free to share the link to the Needs Assessment with other Texas literacy folks. 
Some questions are specific to instructors, and some to program administrators – you can skip one of these sections if it doesn’t apply to you.
What is Literacy Texas hoping to learn?
We’re hoping to learn how Literacy Texas can be most effective over the coming 12 – 18 months. We want to know how we can support you best, and we particularly want to know how we can offer literacy training and support that’s convenient, effective, and fits your current needs. We’ll use your responses to help plan our regional symposia and annual conference, as well as other priorities and activities.
As a thank you for your time, four participants will receive a $50 Amazon gift card after the survey closes. AND – if you completed the Needs Assessment at the 2023 Literacy Texas annual conference, you’re in the running for an additional prize – a brand-new 10″ tablet! 
Make sure to include your name and contact info at the end if you want to have a chance to win a prize. Be assured, though, that your responses are confidential – no identifying information will be shared outside of Literacy Texas.

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