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Map and Parking – United Way of Greater Houston

Full street address: 50 Waugh Drive, Houston, TX, 77007.

PLEASE NOTE: The main entrance to the United Way building, whether driving or walking, is off Feagan Street. If you enter the Waugh Drive address into a navigation app, you may be taken to the wrong place.


You can park anywhere in the United Way garage that is not marked as “reserved”.

Entering the United Way building from the parking garage:

  • Once you have locked your car, walk toward the elevator or stairs, to the east, and make your way to the ground floor.
  • There is a short passageway into the main building.
  • You’ll see a reception desk to the right and a large atrium ahead of you. Turn LEFT at the reception desk, towards the meeting rooms (you’ll see signs with letters, for example “Meeting Room A”). The symposium check-in table will be in this area.
  • If you go straight ahead into the atrium, you will be going into the wrong part of the building, which is closed to the public on Saturdays.

Entering the United Way building from the street:

  • If you’re being dropped off, or you are coming from elsewhere, you still need to use the Feagan Street entrance. Vehicles can drive onto the paved courtyard in the front of the building for drop-off, but cannot park there.
  • Coming from the street, go in at the driveway onto the large paved area in the front of the building. The parking garage will be to your left.
  • Go along the pathway to the left, through the garden, and open the door. Go diagonally to your LEFT – the reception desk will be on your left and you’ll see the meeting rooms ahead of you. You’ll find the symposium check-in table in this area.

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Checked/updated: 5/09/24

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