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Implementing PDSA (Plan, Do, Study, Act) Cycles for Reading Improvement

About This Session


PDSA (Plan, Do, Study, Act) Cycles can be leveraged to push struggling readers forward. Learn how to empower adult students to use this simple yet practical tool to show improvement and reach their unique reading goals.

What we'll cover:

Everyone has experienced the frustrating feeling of hitting a “wall” as you are along the journey of trying to accomplish a goal.

Is there a systematic way to push beyond that “wall”?

What can students do when they hit a “plateau” in the process?

What can we do with students who fall through the cracks of curriculum?

PDSA (Plan, Do, Study, Act) Cycles are an aspect of improvement science that can be used to empower adult students to be active participants in the process of improving key reading comprehension skills.

We’ll look at:

  • The meaning of improvement science.
  • What are PDSA (Plan, Do, Study, Acts) Cycles?
  • Examples of PDSA Cycles that are used to address literacy deficits.
  • Participants will be guided through the process.
  • Participants will work in groups to practice working through the cycle.
  • Participants will have the opportunity to reflect on how their students can use the strategy to actively work towards reading improvement.

Topics & Focus

Primary Topic Area
topic - instructional theory, methodology, research
Session will also cover:
topic - English Language Learning, ESL, ELL
topic - adult basic literacy, abe, hse

Handouts & Materials

No handouts or materials available at this time.

White, Brittany

Presenter: Brittany White
Organization: Texas A&M

ROLE classroom instructors
LEVEL beginner
Case study?
Other info:

This cycle is meant to train adult students so that they can use the process themselves. Participants will learn how to train and release students to use this tool to take ownership of their improvement.

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