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Unleashing Literacy: Dynamic Tools for Adults with Learning Differences

About This Session


60% of adults with literacy problems have undiagnosed learning differences. Participate in activities to learn common learning differences; online screening tools; Texas diagnostic resources; research-based literacy methods.

What we'll cover:

As a program director or a tutor of adult learners do you have students who continue to struggle to learn to read, write, or spell? Could your adult learner have an undiagnosed learning difference?

According to the Learning Disability Association of America (LDAA), 60% of adults with literacy problems have undiagnosed and untreated learning differences. The primary diagnoses most often missed are dyslexia, dysgraphia, and ADHD (2019).

Dyslexia is the number one learning difference that affects people of all ages. It affects a person’s reading and language processing skills (2021). For adults, having an undiagnosed learning difference can affect career choice, limit job advancement and lead to a number of emotional issues, including depression and feelings of low self-worth.

This session provides valuable hands-on activities of current researched-based information and resources for identifying and teaching adults with learning differences.

You will come away unleashing literacy with dynamic tools for:

  1. Understanding current definitions of dyslexia, dysgraphia, and ADHD with a focus on dyslexia as the number one learning difference;
  2. Identifying and utilizing online screening assessment resources for adult learners with learning differences;
  3. Deciding when and how to seek a professional diagnostic learning difference assessment for an adult learner;
  4. Implementing research-based learning strategies for developing reading, writing, and spelling for adults diagnosed with learning differences.

Topics & Focus

Primary Topic Area
topic - learning differences & disabilities
Session will also cover:
topic - instructional theory, methodology, research

Handouts & Materials

No handouts or materials available at this time.

Ickes, Dr. Joan
Kovalcik, Laura
Coffey, Karen

Presenters: Dr. Joan Ickes, Laura Kovalcik, Karen Coffey
Organization: Dynamic Learners, Inc.

ROLE classroom instructors
LEVEL intermediate
Case study?
Other info:

Prospective attendees may like to review the Learning Disability Association of America website prior to the session presentation.

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