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Pronunciation for Adult English Language Learners

About This Session


This interactive workshop will introduce a range of fun, applicable techniques and tools for practicing sound and stress with adult English language learners.

What we'll cover:

A primary reason adult students pursue English language classes is to communicate and be understood. Acquiring pronunciation accuracy is key to adult English language learning success, and a crucial step for students to feel more connected and confident. As confidence builds, students will be more likely to use English outside of the classroom.

This workshop incorporates a variety of tools and resources for teaching pronunciation, including the Color Vowel® Chart, and Pronunciation Fun with Pictures. Participants will learn and practice different techniques to recognize, produce, and teach the many sounds needed to communicate effectively in English.

We will focus on syllable stress; producing vowel sounds; consonant blends (such as /ch/, /sh/, /th/); and the physical movement associated with correctly pronouncing words and phrases in English.

In addition, participants will practice techniques for incorporating pronunciation practice in lessons – whether they are in a virtual or in-person format. They will learn to catch trouble areas and correct them effectively and make use of everyday tools for best outcomes. This is a great workshop for both beginner teachers and experienced/certified teachers and will provide practical teaching ideas that participants can quickly adopt and apply to their next class!

Bates, Karin

Presenter: Karin Bates
Organization: Intercambio Uniting Communities

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