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Soft Skills Are Anything But Soft

About This Session


Getting the job opens the door, but keeping a job takes skill. Soft Skills are essential skills that pave the way towards success. This session explores the elements of what makes “Power Skills” valuable talent currency.

What we'll cover:

Occupation-specific skills can be attained through on-the-job training, and employers invest in training for the specific tasks needed. The return on investment is the retention and growth of trained team members. The skills that contribute to retention and promotion are anything but “soft” skills. They are power skills that employers value equally as much, and in some cases more than, the job related skills themselves.

Attendees will explore the employer-driven concept of “soft skills,” sample resources available through traditional and creatively alternative tools, and develop a rationale for “unleashing” the concept of soft skills as Power Skills.

Topics & Focus

Primary Topic Area
topic - literacy for work, work readiness
Session will also cover:
topic - instructional theory, methodology, research
PD other

Handouts & Materials

Soft Skills Are Anything But Soft (breakout slides – PDF)

Aguilera, Jackie

Presenter: Jacqueline Aguilera (she/her/hers)
Organization: Mayor’s Office of Adult Literacy – Houston

ROLE classroom instructors
LEVEL beginner
Case study?
Other info:

This session includes using QR codes, accessing online links, and working with Jamboard (app download needed).

While listed for beginners, this session will provide an optimizing experience for all adult educators, coordinators, and administrators.

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