Volunteer Training Initiative

Literacy nonprofits in Texas that serve individuals who have fallen outside the formal education system don’t often have the resources for research and training. Currently over 6.2 million citizens cannot read or write sufficiently to hold a job or function fully in society. The literacy nonprofit community serves over 90 thousand of these individuals annually.

Through our Volunteer Training Initiative, Literacy Texas provides maximum availability (over 300 hours) of free professional development to nonprofit organizations and their volunteers.

Our Three Primary Initiatives Include:

Annual Conference – A three-day event featuring keynote speakers, extended workshops with in depth training on high-demand topics and a great opportunity to network and share ideas and learn from each other.

Regional Symposiums (North, South, East and West) – Each designed to address specific regional needs. The regional symposiums are led by a local coalition and supported by Literacy Texas.

Advocacy – Literacy Texas provides a single voice on behalf of all literacy nonprofits across Texas. We use this voice to educate elected officials and public policy leaders to enact laws that support nonprofit literacy organizations. This is to help the many individuals and families that fall outside the formal education system.

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