Request for Proposals

The theme of the 2023 annual conference is “Literacy Unleashed”.

When the 2023 RFP opens, we’ll be looking for sessions that explore this idea from different angles – an exploration of what could truly be possible for Texas adults and families when literacy providers focus on innovation and creativity.

If this theme interests you, and you might have information to share, please start considering your RFP now! The 2023 Request for Proposals has not yet been finalized but is likely to be very similar to the 2022 format – you can see the content below.

Every year, the Literacy Texas Annual Conference schedule of breakout sessions is made vibrant, topical, and varied by the gift of people’s time and expertise. People like you, willing to share your knowledge, are vital to the ongoing development of literacy professionals in Texas. We are grateful!

2022 RFP form content for your reference

Section 1: Breakout Session Information

Breakout session title (max. 80 characters)*

Breakout session abstract (max. 450 characters)*
Abstracts of accepted proposals will appear on the Literacy Texas website and on social media in advance of the conference, and in the conference program. The ideal abstract will address prospective attendees directly (“you will learn to…”), and tell them why this will be a useful, interesting, and valuable session for them to attend.

Breakout session format*
Choose one:
>Panel discussion
>Hands-on presentation
>Round-table discussion
>Other – please list

Primary audience*
Please select one from the list below.
>Instructional staff (volunteers, teachers, tutors; classroom roles)
>Program Directors or CEOs (decision-makers)
>Program Staff (in any type of literacy program)

Secondary audience
Please select from the list below – select any that apply.
>Instructional staff (volunteers, teachers, tutors; classroom roles)
>Program Directors or CEOs (decision-makers)
>Program Staff (in any type of literacy program)

Audience degree of familiarity with the topic*
Who will benefit most from your session?
>Beginning learners – people learning about this topic for the first time
>Intermediate learners – people who are ready to go beyond basics with this topic
>Advanced learners – people who have a high degree of familiarity with this topic

Will you be promoting any type of product or service as part of this session?*

IF YES: What type of product or service? From which agency or company?

Primary topic area*
Please select one from the list below. You will have the opportunity to select two additional topic areas as secondary topics, immediately below.
>Literacy for Work
>Financial Literacy/Math/Numeracy
>Health Literacy
>Family Literacy
>Library Programs
>Digital Literacy/Technology
>Distance/Virtual Learning
>Volunteer Management
>Staff/Program Management
>Learning Differences
>Program Evaluation/Data Management
>Advocacy/Public Awareness

Secondary topic areas*
Please select two from the list below.
[same list as above]

Breakout session description (max. 1,500 characters)*
This is for the conference committee and will not be published. Help the committee members understand exactly what you intend to cover in your presentation. Proposals will be evaluated on the extent to which they:
1. State clear objectives;
2. Focus on a specific audience;
3. Have the potential to interactively engage participants through discussion or activities;
4. Provide information, strategies, or tools participants can use in their work;
5. Are grounded in the presenter’s experience;
6. Are timely and relevant;
7. Provide research-based expertise for literacy providers.

Session length*
Both 75 min and 90 min sessions are available. We will do our best to accommodate all requests but cannot guarantee a particular session length. We will communicate with all presenters about the final schedule well in advance of the conference.
>75 min
>90 min
>Flexible – either 75 min or 90 min, as available

Repeat session*
Are you willing to present your breakout session twice, if requested?

Preferred room set-up*
>Round tables

Audio-visual and technology options*
Each room will be furnished with:
LCD projector
Wifi access
Flipchart & markers

Please note that we cannot guarantee any equipment beyond what we provide. You should plan to bring any special adapters that you will need for your session.

I will bring:*
>HDMI adapter
>Apple computer adapter
>Neither of the above – I don’t need any additional equipment

Sharing of presentation materials*
Breakout session attendees often request PPT slides and other handouts to be sent to them after the conference is over. To streamline this for presenters, Literacy Texas is happy to host presentation materials on the conference website. If you would like to share your materials in this manner, please send them to conference[at] any time before August 8, 2022. Materials will be uploaded as soon as possible after they are received. Please send PDFs only.

Do you plan to share presentation materials to be made available on the Literacy Texas website?

Section 2: Presenter Information

Lead presenter information*
First name
Last name
Job title
Organization name
Organization website
Email address
Cell phone
ZIP code

Lead presenter history*
Have you presented at a Literacy Texas conference or symposium before?
>Yes, in 2021 and/or 2020
>Yes, in 2019 or earlier

Please share a brief account of your presenting experience, for example, recent events where you’ve presented, on what topics, year of your first presentation, etc.*

Lead presenter bio* (max. 1,200 characters)
Please submit your bio in the third person. Presenter bios will be included on the Literacy Texas website and possibly in social media.

Do you need to add co-presenter information?*

There will be space on the form to submit information for up to 4 co-presenters – the same information as listed for the lead presenter. If your session has more than 4 presenters, please get in touch with Literacy Texas: conference[at]

Section 3: Presenter Agreements

The lead presenter and any co-presenter(s):
1. Must register for the conference and pay any registration fees.
2. Will be responsible for all costs related to transportation, lodging, and meals not provided as part of the registration.
3. Will be responsible for costs of audio-visual and technology equipment requested beyond one flipchart, markers, speakers, wifi, screen, and LCD projector.
4. Will not be paid a stipend.
5. Must follow copyright laws.
6. Will be responsible for any personal equipment used in the presentation, along with printing and supplying any handouts or other presentation materials for attendees.
7. Grant permission to Literacy Texas for use of any photography/videography for future
promotional purposes.

Do you agree to the terms listed above?*

Lead presenter agreement*
The lead presenter will be responsible for communicating information between the Literacy Texas Conference Committee and any co-presenter(s).

Do you agree to be the lead communicator between Literacy Texas and any/all co-presenters?*


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