Instructional Theory, Methodology, & Research

This page lists the confirmed breakout sessions at the 2022 Literacy Texas Annual Conference with the primary topic of Instructional Theory, Methodology, & Research. Secondary topics are listed with each session.

Building a Reflective Teaching Practice

Teaching and tutoring require a lot of practice! But it’s important that we build systems that help us see how we’re doing and where we can bolster our effectiveness as educators.

In this training, we’ll learn what it means to be reflective about our work and what it would look like to teach reflectively. We’ll also discuss how a reflective teaching practice can increase social change and equitability in our education community.

Presenter: Keighty Ward
Organization: Literacy Works

ALSO COVERS diversity, equity, & inclusion
OF MOST USE TO Classroom Instructors

Back to the Basics: Improving Student Learning Through Delivery of Instruction

Many of us working in adult education were trained to teach children. However, adult students have a variety of experiences, making some learned instructional strategies not as effective.

In this presentation you will learn the basics of adult learning theory, and we’ll talk about differentiated instruction as a reflection of adult learning theory, including how it can improve adult learner outcomes.

And I promise, I’ll do my best to make this entertaining!

Presenter: Ann Beeson, M. Ed.
Organization: New Readers Press

ALSO COVERS HSE, ASE, ABE - Adult Basic Literacy
ALSO COVERS learning differences & disabilities
OF MOST USE TO Classroom Instructors

Brain Hacks: Teaching Moves that Deepen Understanding and Strengthen Recall

There’s a lot of murky “brain-based” teaching advice floating around out there. This session will seek to dispel some common neuromyths.

It will then present several proven, research-based instructional strategies that teachers can begin using in their lessons right away to strengthen learning. With each strategy, participants will also explore an EdTech tool they can use to facilitate that instructional move in the classroom.

ALSO COVERS ESLELL - English Language Learning
ALSO COVERS HSE, ASE, ABE - Adult Basic Literacy
OF MOST USE TO Classroom Instructors

Barbara Bush National Action Plan for Adult Literacy

The Barbara Bush Foundation launched a National Action Plan for Adult Literacy in late 2021, with 5 strategic initiatives designed to address the challenge of low literacy in the US while redefining and re-energizing the field in the post-pandemic world.

The collaborative plan outlines a 5-pronged national response: 

  • Raising awareness
  • Expanding research
  • Supporting instructors
  • Catalyzing innovation
  • Engaging adult learners as movement leaders.

Come explore the new national plan together.

Presenter: Federico Salas-Isnardi
Organization: Mayor’s Office for Adult Literacy, Houston

BEGINNER-FRIENDLY but some prior knowledge helpful.
ALSO COVERS community partnerships & collaboration
ALSO COVERS advocacy & public awareness
OF MOST USE TO Decision-Makers