Financial Literacy, Math, & Numeracy

This page lists the confirmed breakout sessions at the 2022 Literacy Texas Annual Conference with the primary topic of Financial Literacy, Math, & Numeracy. Secondary topics are listed with each session.

Dear Math: I'm Not a Therapist; Solve Your Own Problems

Stop seeing math as problems and start seeing math as solutions.

You will learn how to use psychology to train the mind to look at math differently. The session will show you how to make numeracy make sense and pull out what is needed. You will learn how to apply adult learning principles to help learners overcome fear and anxiety that high school math and the power of “x” instilled.

The presentation will use both online and hands-on examples.

Presenters: Laura Creach (Blue Learning), Lonnie Morgan (Consultant)

ALSO COVERS digital literacy & technology
ALSO COVERS distance & virtual learning
OF MOST USE TO Classroom Instructors
Other info:

The presentation will use Bright Thinker curriculum from Blue Learning. You will not need to own the curriculum to benefit from the session.

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