Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

This page lists the confirmed breakout sessions at the 2022 Literacy Texas Annual Conference with the primary topic of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion. Secondary topics are listed with each session.

Why Do We Instantaneously Judge People?

We all have biases that can impact positively and negatively impact our lives. Understanding how and why biases form will make us more self-aware and influence how we think, react, behave, and yes, whether we instantaneously like or dislike someone.

Implicit bias, although subconscious, can impact how we interact with others and our work life. The truth is that we all have biases; they are a byproduct of the human brain. We can, however, learn what bias is, how it occurs, and how to mitigate its negative impact.

Presenter: Horacio Sanchez
Organization: Resiliency, Inc.

ALSO COVERS instructional theory, methodology, research
ALSO COVERS advocacy & public awareness
OF MOST USE TO General Audience

Developing Safe Learning Spaces

Learners who have or had trauma in their lives may find the educational setting upsetting for various reasons. We, as educators, can help to develop a friendly relationship with learning and create secure spaces with just some reflection, patience, and practice.

In this training, we’ll investigate the meaning of ‘trauma-informed teaching’ and compare techniques for making our classrooms safer spaces.

Presenter: Keighty Ward
Organization: Literacy Works

ALSO COVERS advocacy & public awareness
ALSO COVERS community partnerships & collaboration
OF MOST USE TO Classroom Instructors

(Re)Framing Our Conversations Around Adult Education

How do the words we use frame how we think about our work? Who benefits from language like drop-out, basic skills deficient, and runaway?

In this session, we’ll explore some of the everyday language of the adult education and workforce development sectors and consider how language can reinforce status quo norms embedded in oppressive systems. We’ll work together to explore new ways to talk about our work and center communities, not systems.

Presenter: Melanie Sampson
Organization: Literacy Works

BEGINNER-FRIENDLY but some prior knowledge helpful.
ALSO COVERS marketing & communications
ALSO COVERS advocacy & public awareness
OF MOST USE TO General Audience

The Road to Equity®: The Five C's to Construct an Equitable Classroom

In this session, the concept of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion will be explored to understand the importance, and discover research-based strategies to create an equitable classroom and campus.

Participants will learn to:

  • Confront bias and understand barriers and roadblocks to learning;
  • Create opportunities to build meaningful relationships;
  • Collaborate through curriculum, lessons, and practices;
  • Commit to setting all students up for success;
  • Celebrate diversity by building an inclusive, equitable classroom.

Participants will leave with an understanding of next steps in the conversation, strategies to connect with others, and how to move from awareness to action.

Presenter: Kayren Gray
Organization: MK Results, LLC

BEGINNER-FRIENDLY but some prior knowledge helpful.
ALSO COVERS literacy for work, work readiness
ALSO COVERS advocacy & public awareness
OF MOST USE TO Decision-Makers
Other info:

This session will refer to the book The Road to Equity: The Five C’s to Construct an Equitable Classroom. Prior knowledge of the book is not necessary to benefit from the session.

Hold the Judgement: Revealing Unconscious Bias

When we jump to conclusions, our unconscious judgements – rather than protecting us – can sometimes lead us to label and stereotype.

In this session we will work to increase the understanding of the potential adverse impact unconscious bias has on individuals and increase awareness of unconscious bias. The hope is that this session will allow educators to be more confident to engage in honest conversations about bias with students.

Presenter: Dr. Olga Escamilla
Organization: Texas Center for the Advancement of Literacy & Learning (TCALL)

ALSO COVERS ESLELL - English Language Learning
ALSO COVERS HSE, ASE, ABE - Adult Basic Literacy
OF MOST USE TO Classroom Instructors