Digital Literacy & Technology

This page lists the confirmed breakout sessions at the 2022 Literacy Texas Annual Conference with the primary topic of Digital Literacy & Technology. Secondary topics are listed with each session.

Become a PD Portal Expert

Did you know that the TCALL PD Portal provides quality professional development for adult educators across the state of Texas?

Join TCALL’s PD Portal Team as they show you how to create a PD Portal account and access our hundreds of training options. We will also dig into some of the PD Portal’s most frequently asked questions.

This presentation is geared towards anyone who participates in professional development for Adult Education and Literacy.

Presenters: Katie Snow, Laura Greer
Organization: Texas Center for the Advancement of Literacy & Learning (TCALL)

ALSO COVERS distance & virtual learning
ALSO COVERS staff & program management for nonprofits
OF MOST USE TO Classroom Instructors
Other info:

You can also visit with TCALL staff at the entrance to the Conference Exhibition Hall to ask questions or get further information.

A Computer Lab at Our Organization? Can We? Should We?

Literacy Council of Bowie and Miller Counties in Texarkana, TX recently purchased the equipment to build a small computer lab of six lab computers and one instructor computer, and they have grand dreams of expanding.

In this presentation, you will learn of one non-profit’s struggles and successes in the creation, implementation, and deployment of classes – successes will be highlighted.

Presenters: Dr. Kevin Williams, Rachael Cherry
Organization: Texas A&M University – Texarkana

ALSO COVERS distance & virtual learning
ALSO COVERS parent & family literacy
OF MOST USE TO Decision-Makers

Assessing for and Promoting Digital Literacy in Marginalized Communities

Online education will continue to grow as an expected mode of instruction, thus it’s essential to promote the skills necessary to effectively navigate the digital realm of learning.

In this session, you will learn to define digital access and literacy, describe factors associated with digital disparities in marginalized communities, and develop strategies to promote digital literacy and learning in online literacy programs.

Presenters: Mariana Vázquez, Caroline Silva
Organization: School Psychology Doctoral Candidates, University of Houston

BEGINNER-FRIENDLY but some prior knowledge helpful.
ALSO COVERS distance & virtual learning
ALSO COVERS diversity, equity, & inclusion
OF MOST USE TO Classroom Instructors

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