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360 Degree Instruction – Trauma-Informed Instruction that Creates Healthy Graduates and Productive Citizens

About This Session


Our students come to class with past and present trauma that is affecting their ability to learn and their success after they receive their GED.

This breakout provides research-based best practices that every instructor can apply to become more effective in educating the whole student and producing flourishing citizens.

What we'll cover:

Instructors will learn how trauma is blocking their students from learning, how to explain that reality to their students, and how to teach their students practical skills that will increase resilience and success on the test and in life.

It is safe to say the vast majority of our students have trauma in their past or present. At the very least, they almost all come to our classroom with some form of educational trauma. Simple shifts in our method and delivery can make our approach more trauma-informed and remove some of the barriers that have thwarted the student’s efforts in the past.

Let’s apply what we learn! The reality is as instructors we have our own stories. As we learn methods that help process our own trauma, we can pass that on to our students.

Research-based best practices in understanding of Trauma and trauma, identifying stress responses, understanding the window of tolerance, and utilizing grounding techniques will help students and instructors in everyday life.

I am a trauma-informed mental health coach (M.S., BCMMHC) with my own history of trauma that I have processed. I have the credentials to back up my educational expertise and the personal resume that connects with our students.

Trauma is keeping people stuck; this is a fact that we often overlook as adult educators. Research and neurobiology continue to prove this point and to give great hope about how we can metabolize trauma and live resilient lives beyond what has happened to us!

To be productive citizens, we need to be healthy adults.

Topics & Focus

Primary Topic Area
topic - instructional theory, methodology, research
Session will also cover:
topic - civics & citizenship
topic - distance & virtual learning


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Handouts & Materials

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Young, Kathy

Kathy Young
Adult Instructor

ROLE classroom instructors
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