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Bridging the AEL/GED to Certifications Gap with “Are You Ready for College”

About This Session


This session invites you to expand your online educational tools beyond the norm to bridge students into the world of college certifications.

We will explore an assessable online method for introducing students to strategies for communicating with instructors, studying, writing, and managing work-life balance before they attempt your coursework.

What we'll cover:

“Wisdom is knowing what to do next. Skill is knowing how to do it. Virtue is doing it.”

This session will demonstrate how students can leverage the Are You Ready for College platform to help them “know what to do next” when entering the college certification process. Although they may have bridged the academic divide through AEL/ABE/GED programs, they still need the basic skills to acclimate to college certification programs.

Because students have multiple levels of exposure to basic college norms, it is difficult to know what they don’t know. Regardless, everyone should have the same opportunity to learn at the beginning of the term, when retention really happens. A student’s prior knowledge of “how to” perform basic skills and acclimate to college norms may determine if they complete or drop out of a program.

In this session, we will explore the following questions:

How can we expand students’ prior knowledge of college norms in in-person and virtual spaces?

How can prior knowledge positively impact students’ learning process by teaching them to bridge college certification skill processes into their daily work lives?

Where can additional engagement in virtual spaces to gather prior knowledge produce positive outcomes like self-regulation, emotional engagement, and a deeper interest in learning?

We will also explore how Are You Ready for College prepares students to:

  • Study a syllabus and plan their study methods based on your course calendar
  • Communicate with instructors
  • Develop reading strategies and study methods for textbooks
  • Establish note-taking methods
  • Implement self-motivation strategies
  • Manage their work-life balance

Topics & Focus

Primary Topic Area
topic - distance & virtual learning
Session will also cover:
topic - digital literacy & technology
topic work readiness, literacy for work 450x68


PD other

Handouts & Materials

No handouts or materials available at this time.


Reese, Candace

Candace Reese
Executive Director
Are You Ready, Inc.

Visit Are You Ready in the conference Exhibitor Area!

ROLE general audience
LEVEL intermediate
Product promotion?
Other info:

Are You Ready for College is an online product that helps students transition into college programs.

We will explore the Are You Ready for College courseware. Feel free to bring your technology to explore it.

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