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Reading to Learn – Using Strategies for Teaching the Pre-HSE Learner

About This Session


We have all had learners who struggle with reading, those who miss the GED or HiSET by only a few points or don’t understand what they are reading. This session will provide strategies and handouts to teach struggling readers.

Not all adult education teachers are trained to help struggling readers navigate reading across subject areas. Strategies for teaching academic reading to the pre-HSE learner will be discussed giving teachers a better understanding of how to approach teaching reading in academic subjects.

Active learning strategies with handouts presented in this session will help participants organize instruction and help teachers understand the transition from “learning to read to reading to learn.

What we'll cover:

This session will cover the basics in teaching reading focusing on specific reading skills and how to target the relevant needs of learners for meeting their goals for both academic attainment and workplace training.

We will also discuss a system of teaching academic reading that will help learners have a better understanding of how to approach science, social studies and other academic and workplace subjects and will give learners a more organized way to approach learning course content.

Active learning strategies presented in this session will help participants understand the transition from “learning to read” to “reading to learn”. Specific reading challenges for history, science, literature, and math will be discussed. Participants will gain additional knowledge of Tier II Vocabulary that contains cross-curricular vocabulary.

This is an interactive session that will provide participants with practical ways to incorporate reading strategies for the struggling reader. Active teaching strategies will be reviewed and practiced for use in their classroom. We will practice a few of the most useful research-based strategies in this session that will help participants feel more comfortable with these approaches to teaching struggling readers.

Handouts will be given to each participant that will reinforce the instructional strategies.


  1. To provide a basic understanding of skills needed to teach struggling readers
  2. To help participants learn to use active learning strategies into teaching the Pre-HSE reader
  3. To encourage participants to incorporate vocabulary development (Tier 2 vocabulary) and writing into the reading process
  4. To relate reading skills to academic pursuits and relevant workplace training

Topics & Focus

Primary Topic Area
topic - adult foundational education (HSE, ASE, ABE) 450x68
Session will also cover:
topic - instructional theory, methodology, research
topic - family and parent literacy (450 x68)


PD other

Handouts & Materials

No handouts or materials available at this time.


Miller, Christina

Christina Miller
National Consultant for Adult Education and Workforce

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ROLE classroom instructors
LEVEL intermediate
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