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Program Self-Evaluation: When Did You Last Do This?

About This Session


Based on a model developed by ProLiteracy, the presentation will assist literacy program administration with building capacity and attracting donors. organizational management, improving student services, and enhancing tutor/instructor value.

What we'll cover:

Literacy Connexus adapted a program known as Ministries of Excellence from a list of standards developed by ProLiteracy. We will illustrate how each of the fifteen standards were addressed by our partners, and engage participants in a discussion about how attention to the standards contributes to excellence:

  • Provide quality instructional services through well-managed organizations;
  • Adapt readily to changes in their community and adult education;
  • Be recognized as essential to the well-being of their communities;
  • Establish diversified, robust, and stable funding;
  • Create meaningful partnerships with other organizations;
  • Evaluate and improve services;
  • Engage students, tutors, volunteers and other stakeholders in the future of the organization;
  • Be responsive to ethnic, cultural, religious, and economic diversity.

Topics & Focus

Primary Topic Area
topic - staff, program management
Session will also cover:
topic - volunteer support & management
topic - advocacy, public awareness


PD other

Handouts & Materials

No handouts or materials available at this time.


Meriwether, Lester

Lester Meriwether
Executive Director
Literacy ConneXus

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ROLE program administrators
LEVEL intermediate
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Other info:

See ProLiteracy’s National Quality Standards for Program Management. A free EdNet account will be needed to use the link.

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