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Goal Setting Within Family Literacy Programs to Promote Retention

About This Session


Attendees will learn about the 4-component model of Family Literacy with specific focus on the role of goal setting for adults and families. The presentation will highlight how goal setting is integrated into all areas of the family literacy model and aids in learner retention.

What we'll cover:

Family Literacy is a four-component model of intergenerational learning that supports adults, children, and families.

This interactive session will begin with an overview of the National Center for Families Learning’s (NCFL’s) four-component model of Family Literacy (FL) and detail the distinct ways in which these four components, including Adult Education, Parent Time, Children’s Education, and Parent and Child Together (PACT Time®), are vital for comprehensive family literacy programming.

Attendees will then explore ways that the Family Literacy model component of adult education is supported through school and community partnerships and driven by adult student goals. The presentation will highlight effective tools to support adult learners in creating and working toward their goals and reveal the ways that goal setting processes can be integrated into all areas of the family literacy model.

Finally, drawing from family literacy in conjunction with adult learner goal setting, this presentation will highlight several case studies and evaluations to reveal how these practices aid in adult learner retention in multiple family literacy programs nationwide.

The presentation will include an interactive goal-setting exercise and resources conference attendees can utilize with adult students within their programs. Moreover, it will support participants in exploring how the four-component model of family literacy and adult goal setting can be used together to support attendees’ own programmatic offerings.

Topics & Focus

Primary Topic Area
topic - family and parent literacy (450 x68)
Session will also cover:
topic - community partnerships & collaboration
topic - adult foundational education (HSE, ASE, ABE) 450x68


PD other

Handouts & Materials

No handouts or materials available at this time.



Leesa Kraeger
Family Literacy Content Specialist
National Center for Families Learning

ROLE general audience
LEVEL beginner
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