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Digital + Health + Literacy: A Prescription for Adult Ed & Career Pathways

About This Session


Digital healthcare is no longer “science fiction” or an option for the privileged few. Adult learners need adult literacy experiences that mimic the evolving med tech world around them. Combining traditional health literacy with innovative digital health experiences is a next-level prescription for health education and career pathway development.

Consider a learner who wants to improve their diet and overall health or a learner who is not sure about advocating for themselves or a family member when it comes to healthcare options.

What about a client who goes to the doctor and receives instructions on how to take their medication in a text message or on their MyChart – how will you prepare them to successfully navigate the digital medicine landscape?

What are the potential opportunities for learners in the digital health career space and how can you develop those teachable moments?

What we'll cover:

Bring your digital devices and adventurer mindset to this session and:

  1. Explore health literacy integration for a variety of adult ed classrooms;
  2. Develop health literacy “teachable moments” for both instruction and career pathways applications and
  3. Experience innovative digital health lit strategies and tools to develop your health and digital literacy programming.

Topics & Focus

Primary Topic Area
topic - health literacy
Session will also cover:
topic - digital literacy & technology
topic work readiness, literacy for work 450x68


PD other

Handouts & Materials

No handouts or materials available at this time.


Aguilera, Jackie

Jacqueline Aguilera
Project Manager
Mayor’s Office for Adult Literacy – Houston

Visit the mighty MOAL in the conference Exhibitor Area!

ROLE classroom instructors
LEVEL intermediate
Product promotion?
Other info:

Take a look at this before the session: “Does Learning About Health… Give You A Headache?”

Surfing the web and scanning QR codes will be an active part of this session. Charge your devices and be ready to explore!

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